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Wilson Custom Tile combines an established art studio with an experienced production facility to provide the architectural and design community with a proven resource for ceramic, terra cotta and bronze finish elements. In operation for over thirty years, the custom nature of our work has enabled us to master many different fabrication techniques for fired ceramics and bronze. Check out the list of past projects here.

We design and manufacture custom vitreous ceramic tile, glazed or unglazed, murals, and architectural signage. For projects requiring an unglazed product, our custom blended clays achieve a full range of natural, fired clay colors. For glaze applications, we custom blend glazes to match the desired colors specific to the projects needs.

Our studio also designs and manufactures cast and fabricated accent bronze pieces, ornamental panels, door pulls, lamps, candlesticks, baptismal fonts, sculptures and fountains which can stand alone or be used successfully in combination with ceramic tile designs.

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