Past Projects.

Public Facilities
1986 - Omaha's Children's Museum, Omaha, NE - Sculpted Ceramic Map of Nebraska
1988 - Boys Town Chambers' Chapel, Omaha, NE - All Artistic Elements
1988 - Creighton University, Omaha, NE - Jesuit Residence, Jesuit Seal Loyola Family Crest
1989 - University of Nebraska at Omaha - Bell Tower Floor
1989 - Trinity Episcopal (HR*), Omaha NE - Floor Tile
1990 - St. Bernards Church, Ellsworth KS - Baptismal
1990 - St. Stephen's Church, Omaha, NE - Baptismal, Altar Appointments
1990 - Boys Town Veteran's Memorial, Omaha, NE - Bronze Services Emblems and Elements
1991 - Omaha Public Schools Administration Building, Omaha, NE - Mural -Donation
1991 - Connestoga Elementary School, Omaha, NE - Mural - Donation
1991 - St. Cecelia's Cathedral, Omaha, NE - Bronze Organ Plaque
1991 - Rejoice Lutheran Church, Omaha, NE - Interior Design, Baptismal, Altar Furniture and Appointments
1992 - Sacred Heart Church, Baltimore MD - Baptismal, Altar Furniture and Appointments
1992 - St. Vincent's Church, Omaha, NE - Baptismal, Altar Appointments
1992 - Girls Inc. Omaha, NE - Mural and Donor Wall
1992 - Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, NE - Zoo and Lied Jungle Animal Graphics, Sculpted Ceramic Zoo Maps,
1992 - St. Peters Church, Council Bluffs IA - Bronze and Clay Sign
1993 - Madonna Chapel, Lincoln NE - Baptismal, Tabernacle Candle
1993 - Bergan Mercy Hospital, Omaha, NE - Bronze Fountain and Decorative Tile Surround
1993 - St. Francis Church, Des Moines IA - Bell Tower, Bronze Doors
1994 - Boys Town Dowd Chapel, Omaha, NE - Bronze Tabernacle Appointments
1994 - St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Omaha, NE - Baptismal, Chancel Floor, Altar Furniture, Appointments
1994 - St. Patrick's Church, Council Bluffs IA - Bronze Baptismal
1994 - St. Patrick's Church, Ottumwa IA - Baptismal
1994 - Blessed Sacrament, Grand Island, NE - Bronze Processional Cross
1994 - Joslyn Art Museum (HR*) - Floor tile renovation/ restoration
1994 - Kansas City Game and Parks - Coasters
1994 - Union Pacific Railroad - Coasters
1995 - Jewish Community Center - Donor Wall
1994-96 - Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN - Children's Tiles, Sculpted Ceramic Wildlife Fountain and Mural
1995 - Nebraska Game and Parks - Tree Snag Graphic, Scottsbluff, NE
1995 - Peed Corporation, Lincoln NE - Ceramic, Slate and Bronze Columns
1996 - University of Nebraska at Omaha - Ceramic Mural Benchtops Student Center Fountain
1995 - Dundee Elementary School, Omaha, NE - Ceramic Compass -Donated
1996 - Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, IL - Children's Tiles and Aquatic Relief Tiles
1996 - Jewish Community Center, Omaha, NE - Donor Wall
1996 - Create Production Molds For Build Renovation, Plastrglas Omaha, NE
1997 - Create Production Molds for Chicago Building Renovations, Kroeger Precast, Omaha, NE
1997 - Fremont YMCA, Fremont, NE - Concrete Replications of Official YMCA Seal
1997 - Family Service, Omaha, NE - Ceramic Donor Wall
1997 - Children's Hospital, Omaha, NE - Ceramic Donor Wall
1997 - Immaculate Conception Church, Omaha, NE - Bronze Baptismal
1997 - Mary Our Queen Church, Omaha, NE - Bronze Tabernacle Door
1997 - Christ The King Church, Omaha, NE - Bronze & Glass Tabernacle
1997 - Catholic Cemeteries, Omaha, NE - Bronze Lettering & Plaques
1997 - St. Wenceslaus Church, Omaha, NE - Ceramic Decorative tiles, Bronze Doors
1997 - Holy Rosary Church, Red Cloud, SD - Bronze Doors
1997 - Mayo Clinic Meditation Chapel, Rochester, MN - Bronze Door Handles, Bronze & Blown Glass Meditation 1998 - Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City, MO - "Family" Ceramic Wall Mural and Floor Mural
1998 - Kroeger Precast, Molds for renovation of terra cotta building, Chicago, IL
1998 - Munroe-Meyers Institute Addition, Omaha, NE - Architectural Terra Cotta Elements, Terra Cotta Wall Sculpture with Client designed tiles
1998 - Christ The King Church, Omaha, NE - Family Chapel Glass Wall, Candle Holders, Presider's Chairs, Bronze Door Handles, Architectural Detailing
1998 - Nebraska Governor's Mansion, Lincoln, NE - Design and Hand Sculpt, Nebraska Theme, Terra Cotta Tile Surround for Kitchen Hood
1998 - St. Bernadette Catholic Church, Bronze and Ceramic Baptismal Area, Omaha, NE
1998 - St. Vincent De Paul, Bronze Baptismal, Omaha, NE
1998 - St. Margaret Mary's Parish Center, Design and Manufacture Bronze Doors, Omaha, NE
1998 - America Indian Museum, Connecticut, Fabricating Terra Cotta Wall Frieze Elements
1998 - Omaha Country Club, Cast Bronze Door Handles
1998 - Stoneco, Molds for renovation of limestone building, Tennessee
1998 - Symphony Show House, Washington, D.C.
1999 - Loyola University Medical Center Ronald McDonald Children's Hospital - Children's Tiles, Hand Print Tiles, 1999 - Design and Manufacture Sidewalk Murals, Pearl & Main Streetscape Project, Council Bluffs, IA
1999 - Rejoice Lutheran Church - Bronze and Glass Wall Sculpture Cross, Omaha, NE
1999 - Bronze Baptismal Bowl, All Saints Catholic Church, Stuart, Iowa
1999 - Servants of Mary Healing Wall Murals depicting the Seven Sorrows of Mary, Architectural details, Omaha NE
1999 - Family Service Emergency Children's Shelter Donor Wall, Omaha, NE
1999 - Design and Manufacture Sidewalk Murals, Pearl & Main Streetscape Phase 2, Council Bluffs, IA
1999 - 2000 - Nebraska Humane Society Donor Wall Ceramic Plaque, Stainless Steel Animal Sculptures, Omaha, NE
2000 - Omaha Children's Hospital, Children Designed Ceramic Wall Murals, Cast Bronze Door Pulls, Children's Drawing Tiles and Screened Image Decorative Tiles
2000 - Richards Hall renovation, Terra cotta sills for exterior of the building, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
2000 - First United Methodist Church, Omaha, NE, Design and install glass mosaic for the baptismal bowl
2000 - Counrtyside Community Church, Omaha NE, Design and manufacture of ceramic, bronze and glass mural for bell tower wall.
2000 - Countryside Community Church, Design and manufacture of floor rosette for bell tower, bronze decorative elements for church furniture. Omaha NE
2000 - Bethel Cemetery Chapel Wall, Omaha, NE, Manufacture and install ceramic memorial wall.
2000 - University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, Design and manufacture ceramic architectural tiles for reception desks.
2000 - Methodist Hospital Meditation Chapel, Omaha, NE, Design and manufacture bronze cross with grape vine elements.
2000 - All Saints Episcopal Church, Omaha, NE, Design and manufacture 12 foot square patterns for the baptismal floor area and the floor below the altar.
2000 - Loyola University Medical School, Chicago, IL. Design and manufacture ceramic mosaic wall mural with children's drawing tiles interspersed.
2000 - Shenandoah Street Scape Project., Sidewalk ID tiles and Children's Tiles for Columns, Shenandoah, IA
2000 - Coasters - Aquilla Energy (Utilicorp) Omaha , NE
2000 - Bronze Native Grass Sculpture 15' x 20' , Peed Family Home , Lincoln, NE
2000 - Milt Heinrich Ceramic Mural, Manufacture and install. Blair NE
2000 - Rejoice Lutheran Church Design and Manufacture Bronze and Blown Glass Sanctuary Lamp Omaha , NE
2001 - Seedorf masonry - First National Bank, Replacement parts for Medical Arts Detail in Atrium. Omaha, NE
2001 - Iowa School For the Deaf Mural, Council Bluffs, IA
2001 - NAI Awards, Create and Manufacture # - Dimensional Ceramic Awards
2001 - J. Doe Project, Design and manufacture a doe figure using Bronze, Glass, Ceramic and Hammered Steel
2001 - Omaha Community Foundation, Walter And Suzanne Scott Award, (Glass Bronze Ceramic and Oak) 2002 - Clinton Iowa Streetscape Project, Design and Manufacture Ceramic Sidewalk Murals
2002 - Grand Meadows Children's Tiles Grand Meadows, MN
2002 - Design and Manufacture Sidewalk Murals, Pearl & Main Streetscape Project, Council Bluffs, IA
2002 - Flood of 52' Monument, Design and Fabricate Concrete Monument with Ceramic Mural Council Bluffs, IA
2002 - Family Service "Family Legacy Donor Wall", Omaha, NE
2002 - First National Bank, Repair and Paint Medical Arts Bldg. Wall - Bank Atrium - Omaha, NE
2002 - Fargo Streetscape Project, Design and Manufacture Ceramic Sidewalk Murals - Fargo North Dakota
2002 - Ceramic Tiles for Bronze Tabernacle created by Loken Forge for St. Louis Church
2003 - Ceramic and Bronze Floor - Free Style Salon, Omaha, NE
2003 - Sioux City Boys & Girls Home Family Service Donor Wall - Sioux City, IA
2003 - Dowd Chapel at Girls & Boys Town, Bronze Sunburst Wall Panels, Boys Town, NE
2003 - New Cassel Franciscan Garden Prayer Tiles, New Cassel Retirement Center, Omaha , NE
2003 - Creighton University Science Building Ceramic floor Murals, Omaha , NE
2003 - St. Mary's Catholic Church Bronze Baptismal Bowl, Spirit Lake, IA
2003 - Family Service H. Lee Gendler Donor Wall, Council Bluffs, IA
2003 - John Himmelfarb Murals for Graduate Teachers College UNL Lincoln, NE
2003 - Design and Manufacture Sidewalk Murals, Pearl & Main Streetscape Project, Council Bluffs, IA
2003 - Create and Cast Bronze donor Plaques for Fort Atkinson - Fort Calhoun, NE
2003 - Grand Meadows Children's Tiles - Grand Meadows, MN
e donor Plaques for Fort Atkinson - Fort Calhoun, NE
2003 - Grand Meadows Children's Tiles - Grand Meadows, MN
2004 - Lewis & Clark Icon Sculptures - Back To the River Project. Nebraska and Iowa
2004 - AFL-CIO Labor Walk, Lewis and Clark Landing, Omaha, NE
2004 - Luke Air Force Base Children's Hospital, Ceramic Decorative Tiles, Pheonix, AZ
2004 - Glass Hand Print Panels for Therapy Center at Reid Hospital, Richmond, IN
2004 - Ceramic, Bronze and Glass Floor Mural, Humanities and Technology Bldg. Bellevue University, Bellevue,NE
2004 - John Himmelfarb Mural, New York City, NY
2004 - Visitation Church, Hand Painted Mural Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Kansas City, MO
2004 - Lewis & Clark Ceramic Murals on L&C Icon Sculpture, Western Historic Trails Center, Council Bluffs IA
2004 - Lewis & Clark Ceramic Donor Plaques on L&C Icon Sculptures, Iowa and Nebraska
2004 - Lewis & Clark Children's Art Wall, Haworth Park, Bellevue, NE
2004 - Omaha Stockyards Project, Screened Porcelain Tiles, Omaha, NE
2004 - Grand Meadows Children's Tiles, Grand Meadows, MN
2004 - 100 Years - Ceramic Mural Triptych, Dundee Grade School, Omaha, NE
2004 - John Himmelfarb Mural - at Chicago Transit Authority "Kedzie" Station, Chicago, IL
2004 - Council Bluffs Bronze Historic Landmark Medalions, Council Bluffs IA
2005 - South High School "S" Donor Plaque, Omaha, NE
2005 - General Blossom House Renovation, (HR*) Tiles for Fireplaces and Terra Cotta Frieze, Kansas City, MO
2005 - Children's Tiles, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
2005 - Ceramic "Totem" Column, Boys and Girls Club North, Omaha, NE
2005 - Ceramic Aerial View Neighborhood Tiles, 25th & Broadway, IowaWest Foundation Council Bluffs, IA
2005 - Ceramic Sidewalk Historic Murals, Fargo North Dakota
2005 - Donor Mural, Family Housing Advisery Services, Omaha, NE
2005 - Ceramic Logo Medallion, Millard South High School, Millard, NE
2005 - Ceramic Table Top "Standing Bear" All Saints Episcopal Church, Omaha, NE
2005 - Custom Ceramic Plaques/Oak Trim, Family Service, Omaha, NE
2005 - John Himmelfarb, Ceramic Pottery With Sculpted Icon Figures
2005 - Sam Marvin Memorial, Ceramic Benches, Sidewalk Murals, Countryside Community Church, Omaha, NE
2006 - Oak Glass and Bronze Cross - Lutheran Church of the Master West - Omaha, NE
2006 - Ceramic Glass, and Steel Mural - Omaha Children's Museum - Omaha, NE
2006 - Ceramic Mural - Lied Hearing Institute - Omaha, NE
2006 - 07 Ceramic Mural - Rejoice Lutheran Church, Omaha,NE
2006 - 07 (Current Project) 5' Ceramic Vases, John Himmelfarb, Chicago Artist
2006 - 07 Ceramic Sidewalk Murals, Haworth Park North, Bellevue, NE
2007 - Gennett Records Walk of Fame Phase 1 - Bronze and Ceramic Sidewalk Murals - Richmond IN
2007 - Sarpy County Heartland Family Service Ceramic Donor Wall, Papillion, NE
2007 - Ceramic Altar and Baptismal Floors, Baptismal Font, St. John The Baptist Catholic Church FT. Calhoun, NE
2007 - 08 - Ceramic Column - "Dance" - Boys and Girls Club Mount View - Omaha, NE
2007 - 08 Ceramic Entryway Floor, Terra 2 Building - Omaha, NE
2007 - 08 (Current Project) Gennett Records Walk of Fame Phase 2 - Bronze and Ceramic Sidewalk Murals - Richmond IN
2008 - (Current Project) Charles E. Lakin Human Services Complex, Donor Wall
2008 - Nebraska Game and Parks - Tree Snag Graphic, Scottsbluff, NE

Fabrication of Projects For Other Artists
John Himmelfarb - Chicago Artist, Art Omaha, Painted Ceramic Murals at the Omaha Public Schools TAC Building and Connestoga Elementary School
James McGarhel - St. Louis University
John Himmelfarb - Two Ceramic Murals at the Graduate Education Building, University of Nebraska
John Himmelfarb - Ceramic Wall Mural Private Residence, NY, NY
John Himmelfarb - Ceramic Mural For the Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line " Kedzie Station"
John Himmelfarb - Ceramic Vessels (Current Project)

Private Residences
1985 - Private Residence, Oriental Terra Cotta Wet Bar, Omaha, NE
1986 - Krejci Residence, Custom Scuplted Wall and Fireplace Tile and Ceramic Heron Niches, Elkhorn, NE
1987 - Esterling Residence, Custom Kitchen Counter and Floor Tile, Omaha, NE
1987 - Swoboda Residence, Custom Fireplace, Omaha, NE
1989 - Arkfeld Residence, Custom Fireplace, Omaha, NE
1989 - Garden Terrace Apartments (HR*) - Reproduction for Replacement Tile, Omaha, NE
1990 - Charles Durham Residence, Custom Fireplace, Omaha, NE
1990 - Cassling Residence, Custom Floor Tile, Omaha, NE
1993 - Walter Scott Jr., Custom Kitchen Tile, Omaha, NE
1995 - Palagi, Kitchen Tile, Floor Trim, Ceramic/Bronze Fountain/ Fireplace, Slate/Ceramic Porch Design, Omaha, NE
1994 - Forbes Residence, Custom Ceramic and Bronze Fireplace and Wall Design, Omaha, NE
1996 - John Sunderland, Kitchen, Decorative Terra Cotta Stair Risers, Omaha, NE
1996 - Patricia Davis, Custom Sunroom Floor Tile, Omaha, NE
1997 - Glazed Ceramic Celtic Cross Memorial, Carolee Craney, Exira, IA
1997 - Dan Marino, Custom Bathroom Wall Tile, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
1997 - Susie Smoler, Custom Kitchen Tile, Bronze Refrigerator Door Handle, Omaha, NE
1997 - Jepsen Residence, Custom Fireplace
1998 - Thomas Majeski Residence, Custom Fireplace - Ashland, NE
1998 - Dan Drawbridge Residence, Terra Cotta Archway Surround for Front Entry - Omaha, NE
1998 - Uhing Residence, Terra Cotta Fireplace surround, Omaha, NE
1998 - Terry McDonnell Residence, Ceramic and Glass Indoor Garden Niche, Omaha, NE
1999 - Dan Drawbridge Residence, Terra Cotta Surround and House Number SIgns for Entry posts
1999 - Kozel Residence, Ceramic Kitchen Counter and Backsplash, Omaha, NE
1999 - Kilgore Residence, Custom Hand Painted Ceramic Stair Risers - Omaha, NE
1999 - Burns Residence, Celtic Ceramic Tiles, Cape Girardeau, MO
1999 - 2000 - Peed Residence, Patinaed Bronze Sculpture "Native Grasses"
2001 - Walter Scott Residence, Custom Kitchen Backsplash, Omaha, NE
2003 - Gouveia Residence, Custom Kitchen Floor, Omaha, NE
2003 - Butch Baker Residence, Light Sconces, Omaha, NE
2004 - Clatterbuck Residence, Custom Kitchen Backsplash, Bellevue, NE
2004 - Peterson Residence, Compass Rose Floor Detail, Bathroom Floor, Drawer Pulls, Lake Manawa, IA
2005 - Kozel Residence, Wet Bar Counter and Back Splash, Omaha, NE
2005 - Sculpted Terra Cotta Fireplace Surround and Terra Cotta Hearth, Scott Residence, Omaha, NE
2005 - Terra Cotta Cap Tiles and Relief Tiles on Exterior Wall, Orsi Residence, Omaha, NE
2005 - Ceramic Mural Installation, Wilson Tile Bldg., Omaha, NE
2005 - Ceramic Floor "Leaf " Tiles, Wilson Tile Bldg., Omaha NE
2006 - Saigh Residence, Ceramic star Burst Medallion
2006 - (Current Project) Burbach Residence, Bath Shower and Floor Trim
2007 - Orchid Mural - Private Residence, Omaha, NE

Professional Clients
Robert Torson, Omaha, NE
Keeler Raynor & Hinz, Omaha, NE
Stan How, Omaha, NE
HDR -Henningson, Durham & Richardson , Omaha, NE
Bahr, Vermeer & Haecker, Omaha, NE
Avant, Omaha, NE
Gary Bishop, Omaha, NE
Ciaccio Dennell, Omaha, NE
Bruce Frasier, Omaha, NE
Zenon, Beringer, Omaha, NE
Alley, Poyner, Omaha, NE
RDG Wilscam Birge, Omaha, NE
Savage, Finley, Omaha, NE
Carlyle Design Associates, Ltd, Ottawa, Ontario
Taylor & Taylor Partnership, Miami Beach, FL
Leo Daly, Omaha, NE
Helix Architecture and Design, Kansas City, MO
Holland Basham Architects

Marilyn Hanson
Jan Buckingham
Leslie Berry
Ruth Ann Davis
Rose Erato
Ellen Newburry
Offutt Designs
David Rice
Nick Spellman
Randall Netly
Design 5
Dorothy Eckstrom
Brother William Woeger - Arch-Diocese Liturgical Consultant
Albert-Krantz Interiors, Inc.
Diane Luxford - D-Lux Interiors
Ken Guthrie

*International Liturgical Art In Environment Award Winners - for design and execution Chambers Chapel at Boys Town, Omaha, NE
*Honor Award of Excellence In Craft, American Institute of Architects - for distinguished accomplishment in Liturgical Appointments, St. Stephen of the Martyr Catholic Church, Omaha, NE
*Finalist for Ceramic Tile (CTDA) Distributors Association Installation Award
*2005 AIA Arts and Crafts Award, Blossom House Mansion Restoration Kansas City, MO, Ceramic Tile